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Chet Hanks lays out rules and regulations for taking part in ...

Tom Hanks ’ son Chet has laid out some rules and regulations for taking part in his self-proclaimed “white boy summer” this year. The actor prompted ridicule on social media earlier this week after declaring that summer 2021 would be a time for white boys, with an apparent reference to 2019’s “hot girl summer” meme.

Nude Beach Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules for Stripping Down

Miami), travelers are tossing aside bathing suits and swim trunks for a summer glow sans tan lines. “Each nudist resort has its own individual rules and regulations,” says Mulhall. 1.)

What is White Boy Summer? Meaning and rules explained

White Boy Summer is a random trend started by Chet on Instagram. He coined the phrase “white boy summer,” as a spin on the title of Megan Thee Stallion’s 2019 hit song, Hot Girl Summer. Chet wants his fans to get on board with this bizarre trend and "tag a Vanilla king" and follow a set of rules.

Chet Hanks Drops Official Rules And Regulations For The ...

Don’t’ ever wear it again. Rule #4 No more saying the word “Smokeshow”. No calling girls smokeshows, that term is played out dude, you can’t see a hot chick and call her a smoke, that’s over with. Update: Apparently cargo shorts are also not suitable for the “white boy summer”.

Chet Hanks Drops Rules And Regulations For 'White Boy Summer'

Speaking to the camera, the 30-year-old said: "Oh wow wow wow, woke up this morning, internet gone mad again, sheesh. I just wanna drop a few rules and regs for the white boy summer.


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The Plastics from Mean Girls Revise Their Dress Code for ...

Jeans/track pants on Fridays ONLY, ho-bags. One ponytail a week, but messy buns are okay. If you break any of these rules, you can’t sit six feet from us. Wear pink on Wednesday or Thursday. The schedule looks sexy pushed back. Tank tops are in. Jeans/track pants every other day. But not with tank tops.

Urban Dictionary: Hot girl summer

A summer full of fun. Coach Meg aka Megan thee Stallion, the creator of hot girl summer, said it best... Hot girl summer is about “just being you, just having fun.

The Rules For A Whiteboy Summer - TFM

You can’t call girls Smoke shows. Super lame to be like, “you see that smoke over there?” No Salmon color. If you have any of that in your closet, burn it all right now. Backward hats are, of course, good. You can only wear a Dad hat if you have a clean fade.